TransModulators/ Converters

Integrate ATSC/QAM Content into your IPTV System

Start streaming local ATSC content into your IPTV system today. The CA2IPE-8064 accepts up to 8 RF inputs and allows the user to output up to 64 IP streams. Easy to setup and monitor with intuitively designed graphic user interface.


Up to 8 RF Inputs: ATSC-8VSB or QAM
Up to 64 SPTS IP Outputs
UDP / RTP Multicast / Unicast
Cherry-Pick Desired Programs
Professional Program Mapping

Integrate ATSC/QAM Content into any QAM Distribution System

Perfect for integrating ATSC/clear QAM content to an existing channel line-up. Easily add local ATSC content or clear QAM.


Up to 8 RF Inputs: ATSC-8VSB or QAM
Up to 8 Independent QAM Outputs
Up to 64 Programs
Cherry-Pick Desired Programs
3 VCN Modes Supported
Professional Program Mapping

Bring it to the Classroom

The CIPB-8604 is a must have for converting IP Streams to QAM and is ideal for University or K-12 Applications.


Converts up to 8 IP Inputs to QAM
Up to 2 IP Streams to QAM output
IP Stream Control